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Training Scholarships

Workforce Solutions provides scholarships support training for some of the region's high-skill, high-growth occupations.  If you're interested in pursuing training, Workforce Solutions can help you determine what you want to study and how we can help pay for all or most of it.

Why Get Training?

You may find you need additional training in order to compete in today’s job market. Workforce Connections can help you identify the training that is right for you, and may be able to assist with paying for your training.


Identifying Training that Is Right for You

There are many factors involved in identifying your best training match. One of the most important factors is your interest in a particular job. Our staff can help you identify your preferred interests, and suggest matching jobs. Then together, we find the training program that best fits your needs.


Helping Pay for Training

If you meet certain income eligibility guidelines. Workforce Connections may be able to help pay for tuition, books, and other training-related costs for up to two years.

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