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Subsidized Employment

About the Project

Work Experience (WEX) is a paid Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) activity designed to enable participants to gain work maturity, occupational skills, and exposure to the working world. The WEX should help participants acquire the personal attributes, knowledge, and skills needed to obtain a job and advance in employment. The work experience provides participants with opportunities for career exploration and skill development. Work experience should focus on high-demand occupations as well as the Workforce Connection industry clusters.

All customers participating in the WEX program will be compensated directly through Workforce Connections.  C2 GPS / Unique HR will be the employer of record.


As the demand for a high-skilled labor force grows, consider younger adults with to meet those labor demands. When it comes to doing business, including workers with limited experience, your human capital strategies can offer you a competitive edge. Earn and Learn offers you a risk-free pipeline to meet your recruitment needs and allows you an opportunity to mentor a pipeline of future talent.

Offered to employers at no additional cost:

  • Employees for short-term summer projects (approximately 5-8 weeks)

  • Wages and Workers Compensation paid directly to participants

  • Reasonable accommodations provided

  • Additional on-the-job training if needed

  • Site visits to monitor participants and ensure your satisfaction.

WEX Interest Form

Check your inbox for confirmation. If you don't receive the email please call or text us at (361-772-1507.

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